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Buy in Bulk: Gigantic Soap Bars

$ 27.00

We offer whole, uncut, gigantic "bars" of soap. Choose from a whole or a half size --- they are HUGE! (The photo shows a comparison of regular bath bars in front of our gigantic bars).

A half-bar contains about 4 bars' worth of soap, and a full loaf is over 7.5 bars' worth - that's a huge savings over the cut bars, and it's a lot of fun to have a gigantic bar of soap all to yourself!

Specify preferred scents in checkout. If we don't receive a preference, we'll choose one of our most popular scents!

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut your gigantic bar with a regular kitchen knife, pastry cutter or cheese wire, and simply wash off the soap. Store unused soap in a dry dark place like closets, drawers, etc.

NOTE: Whole loaves will be cut in half prior to shipping 'cause they're super long and too big for our boxes!

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