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Enzyme Deodorant, Aluminum Free

$ 18.00

Aluminum and baking soda-free formula uses natural active enzymes to deodorize and keep you smelling better, longer. Actually works! 

NO aluminum, NO baking soda, NO gooey mess, NO oil streaks!

NEW easy-to-use container: BPA free, fully recyclable twist-up tube.

Scents for men and women:

  • Tobacco + Earl Grey (our most popular!)
  • Clary Sage + Bergamot
  • Lavender + Oak Vanilla
  • Rose + Frankincense

Made from a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients: Aloe leaf juice, tapioca starch, silicone, lubricants, surfactants, brewer’s yeast, enzymes, salts, soap, and anti-microbial preservatives.

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