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Why Are Palm-Free Soaps Better?


Dig a little into palm oil production, and you'll see how the incredible demand for palm oil in Europe and the U.S. is causing catastrophic changes in nations that grow palm trees.

"Displacement of indigenous peoples, deforestation and loss of biodiversity are all consequences of our palm oil consumption," states Rainforest Rescue

The Union of Concerned Scientists declared palm oil "one of the world's leading deforestation drivers," causing so much havoc that the Rainforest Action Network calls it "conflict palm oil." The campaign Say No to Palm Oil, founded by a 13 year-old, has over 17,000 likes on Facebook.

The dangers of palm oil are well documented by the World Wildlife Fund, Worldwatch Institute, and many others.

Why Should Soapmakers Care?

A small artisanal business may seem like a blip in this issue. But is it, really?

Leading by Example. Soapmakers can show one another how to design amazing, moisturizing soaps without depending on palm oil. I use a blend of shea, coconut, and olive to achieve a wonderful bar.

Empowering Customers. If you care to buy handmade soap, you know how important ingredients can be! By choosing to talk about my palm-free choice, I can help customers and wholesale buyers to be better informed when making all other purchases, too!

Global Issues need Everybody! Fortunately, public knowledge about palm oil is growing steadily, but that's only because people like us are speaking out! Palm oil alternatives and farming practices can only happen when we all accept our responsibility to help change.

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