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9 Best References to Soap in Popular Culture

1. South Pacific - I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair

A classic!

2. A Christmas Story - Wash Your Mouth Out

I've wondered about making an apple cinnamon-scented bar just like this one...

3. Fight Club - Chemical Burn

As a soap maker, I get asked about Fight Club surprisingly often.

4. "Don't Drop the Soap" Trope

This joke is so old, Spongebob Squarepants is hip on it.

     5. American Psycho - Morning Routine

    I love how this scene sets the tone for the entire film with 8+ body products, including one creepy mask.

    6. Psycho - Shower Scene

    The most famous scene in film? Yep, it's in a bathroom.

    7. Pretty Woman - Bathroom Scene

    And this scene is one of the sweetest scenes in film...


     8. Naked Gun - The Sound of Relief

    And one of the funniest scenes...

    9. The Devil's Advocate - Bathroom Scene

    Bathrooms are a place of privacy and personhood. In The Devil's Advocate, it's the genesis of free will.

    Thanks for indulging in a little bathroom humor with me. Got any other suggestions? Email me at


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