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Rethinking Beard Oil: Is Stubble Excluded?

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I recently had the good fortune to meet Davy Jones Oil & Wax, makers of fine facial hair products. Heather and John of Davy Jones are rad, smart, kind people, and have created wonderful collections and hilarious swag.

We got to talking about beard oils and the fascinating subculture of the "suburbs of the chin."

We agreed the industry as a whole seems to be focusing on, and prizing, the thickest, stoutest, fisherman's beards around. It's easy to see why: they're awesome.

But is it fair to focus our beard care on the most lengthy locks? What about everybody else? What about stubble?

Surprisingly, we agreed short-bearded folks often exclude themselves from beard oils...even though our moisturizers work wonderfully for short hair and stubble.

It got me thinking...if most beards are short, why aren't we serving them?

Maybe the industry's "beauty standard," if you will, is a bit out of reach. Maybe we should be celebrating new stubble with as much love and gusto as eighteen-inch cookie dusters and carefully-crafted spiral mustaches.

Sometimes, companies and their products fail to connect with the right person. Sometimes, entire industries fail at it. Just look at the women's fashion industry: most women are size 14 and up, yet few designers will work in "plus sizes." Is beard oil treating men the same way fashion treats women?

This all got me wanting to shout from the rooftops: If you have a beard, any beard...celebrate it, be happy with it, and don't let any beard oil dictate what's right for you. My beard oil was designed from the get-go to work excellently on short beards and stubble, and I'm going to work even harder to ensure that this comes across in my marketing!

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