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Sneak Peek into the Workshop

If you've ever wondered what it looks like in a soap workshop, this blog is for you! To get the full experience you would need smell-o-vision, but this gives you a good peek into my fun, strange profession.

I'm wearing more lipstick in these shots than I normally would, but otherwise, it's a day in the life! Big thanks to photographer Jenny Lynn,

Soap Racks

Check out that rack -- soap rack that is! I use these racks for soaps that are ready for sale. The rack's spaced shelves are easy to see and access, perfect for handling inventory. As new orders come in, we pull soaps from these racks to label and ship. (I cure soaps on shelving better suited for curing, like HDPE plastic bread crates.)

This ladder is a common feature in my booth displays at craft shows. When not at shows, I keep one of these ladders in my front office for visitors to see when they stop by to pick up orders. My favorite piece here is the vintage tackle box in the bottom right.

And here it is -- the soap workshop. All soaps are made from scratch by hand, and cut in small batches. Here you can see how the soaps look when they come out of the silicone molds I use, and how soap logs are cut into individual bars. Behind me, you'll see our shipping shelves with lots of boxes, envelopes and other goodies!

Thanks for stopping by for a look into my workshop! As you can see it's a manufacturing space, packed with materials needed to make, make, make. I hope you enjoy and see how your soap journeys from its molds to your bathroom!


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