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Thank You: Announcing Online Store Closure

The People's Soap Company is on hiatus and our online store is closed.  I feel incredible gratitude for you, my customers, fans, supporters, and collaborators. You made this possible. Thank you!  What started as a kitchen batch evolved into a phenomenal manufacturing warehouse. We landed great press coverage and store locations thanks to you, our awesome supporters, sharing us through word of mouth, simply sharing what you love! It's been an exciting run, but all good things must come to an end. After a lot of reflection, I've decided to pull back on The People's Soap Co so that I can return my focus on...

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Why Are Palm-Free Soaps Better?

  Dig a little into palm oil production, and you'll see how the incredible demand for palm oil in Europe and the U.S. is causing catastrophic changes in nations that grow palm trees. "Displacement of indigenous peoples, deforestation and loss of biodiversity are all consequences of our palm oil consumption," states Rainforest Rescue.  The Union of Concerned Scientists declared palm oil "one of the world's leading deforestation drivers," causing so much havoc that the Rainforest Action Network calls it "conflict palm oil." The campaign Say No to Palm Oil, founded by a 13 year-old, has over 17,000 likes on Facebook. The dangers of palm...

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"Hotel Wika" Custom Label Soaps

The People's Soap Company makes custom label hospitality soaps quite often. From film studios and clothing brands to olive orchards and weddings, we love creating custom soap labels. When my old college friend Eric reached out to say he was buying his first home - and wanted to have some cheeky guest bathroom soaps to go with it - I knew this would be a fun project. We worked together to create a cool neon-sign inspired "Hotel" soaps for his guest rooms. I love the look! Each soap was individually wrapped in this a custom-printed white linen cardstock paper label.  The front shows the...

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Aleppo Soap Part I: Making the Recipe

Being called "The People's Soap Company" is something I take seriously -- I have a passion for current events, community and civics! The Syrian Connection A while back, I saw reference in a soapmaker's online forum to "Aleppo Soap." I hadn't seen much about it, but the name struck me. Aleppo is the capital of Syria, an ancient nation that has been decimated and ravaged by civil war -- including the city of Aleppo's 50+ soapmaking factories. When I heard about "Aleppo Soap," I was shocked to discover this connection I had never known - a connection we all share to our ancient predecessors.   The Birthplace of Soap...

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How to "Green" Your Bathtime

"Green" is a big broad term that can mean a lot of different things - like recycling, using less water or electricity, buying less stuff, using the car less often, using fewer suspicious chemicals around the house, or even eating less meat and junk food. Regardless of how you're going "green," every action - no matter how small - makes a BIG difference, especially if we all do it! There are over 318 million people living in the United States. If we all did one "green" thing every month, that's 3.8 billion green actions every year!! Greening your daily routine -...

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